Waldemar Piszczewiat
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Waldemar Piszczewiat, PMP

fullStackX (Architect, Developer, PM)


CI/CD: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Many of us think about DevOps in terms of "Guinness Book of Records". We
admire tools which can create new vm from image in 30 seconds or create
hundred of servers in an hour. After this we see, that real life is not
so fascinating as in DevOps presentations. Legacy technologies, lack of
credibitlity in organization ("everything works fine as always") and
lack of funds can kill every initiative.

I want to show, how to
design, create and implement "low cost" CI/CD process which influenced
and changed my organization. How to go through the way from scepticism
to "you cannot stop this" state.

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