Justin Arbuckle


Justin Arbuckle brings more than 20 years of experience in transforming enterprise IT for speed, scale and consistency to Chef. He is a passionate proponent of the value of architectural thinking to driving significant business value.

Prior to Chef, Justin most recently served as Chief Architect for GE Capital, where he built the first global IT architecture function at GE Capital, led one of the company’s largest technology restructurings in its history and introduced full stack engineering / devops across the function. In addition to his experience as a banking chief architect on three continents, he has also had business roles ranging from product development, investment management and consulting.


A tale of the constructors

We are constructors of worlds, of products previously not imagined. What does it mean to be a constructor and how is this different to just hanging out code someone else told you was needed? Oh.. And we might talk about the science fiction of stanislaw lem and the adventures of his constructor robots.

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