Jorge Salamero Sanz
Server Density


Jorge co-founded Zentyal, a successful open source Exchange protocol interoperability company. He now drives Server Density evangelism, showing potential customers and community members best practices adopting DevOps practices and monitoring their infrastructure.

He enjoys monitoring all the things, writing sensors plugins and DIY projects with Raspberry PI and Arduino. All automated with either Puppet cookbooks or Ansible playbooks. When he is away from computers, you will find him walking with his 2 dogs across the countryside.


HumanOps, the impact of human health of operations

HumanOps is a set of principles which focus on the human aspects of running infrastructure.

It deliberately highlights the importance of the teams running systems, not just the systems themselves.

The health of your infrastructure is not just about hardware, software, automations and uptime - it also includes the health and wellbeing of your team.

The goal of HumanOps is to improve and maintain the good health of your team: easing communication, reducing fatigue and reducing stress.

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