Janusz Dabrowski


Sales engineer with 20 years of experience in the industry, passionate about bringing technology closer to the business audience. 

My goal in delivering software and solutions is to create value directly benefiting customer’s success, not only leverage technical expertise. 

For 10 years at Dynatrace, delivering solutions facilitating cooperation between business and IT organizations.


DX & Digital Performance Platform - critical enablers for Digital Transformation

According to Forrester's survey the IT & Business decision-makers clearly ranked the customer experience as most important area in company’s digital strategy.
Enhancing the quality, performance, and functionality of customer-facing digital offerings rose to the top, not only when we looked at cumulative first, second, and third rankings,but also when we looked at which strategies garnered the most first-priority designations.
Digital era has come and focusing on DX really pays-off.
+30 slides for 30 min journey to have closer look in the latest changes in the APM and Digital Performance Platforms - as critical enablers for company's digital transformation.

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