Jan Mussler
Jan Mussler Zalando


Jan joined Zalando's database team some years ago after finishing his CS degree at the RWTH Aachen University with an initial focus on supporting the PostgreSQL users and building our own tools for Performance Monitoring. After some detours to other database related projects he is now part of the cloud engineering team that is driving our own open source monitoring tool development called ZMON among other cloud topics.


ZMON: Zalando's OS approach to monitoring in the cloud and DCs

Two years ago we set out to build our own monitoring tool replacing Icinga. Our biggest focus was flexiblity and autonomy for the growing number of teams and engineers to enable them to monitor their services from small micro services to databases to higher level business KPIs. Today ZMON provides teams with the a federated monitoring solution that gathers data not only in our DCs but also in the connected AWS VPCs and assists teams with service auto discovery and sharing of checks/alerts to make everyone's life easier. ZMON comes along with Grafana2 and KairosDB enabling rich data driven dashboards.

As ZMON is an open source project and relies on some great products (kairosdb/redis) in the background we also provide some insights into how we build, ship, and deploy exactly the same docker images everyone can try for himself using gocd.

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