Eugenij Safonov


Eugenij is a Web Operations Engineer and a Scrum Master in a fast-growing cloud product in Kainos. He had fallen in love with open-source Unices back when he was studying at the Gdańsk University and remained devoted to the Unix way and free software movement since then. Along the path of his career he mastered virtualization which gave him opportunity to work on a massive cloud migration project for Crucial Paradigm (Australia).

Eugenij's current responsibilities within Kainos include web application operations and security, widening adoption of DevOps culture and migrating his DevOps team from Kanban to a full-blown Scrum.

Among other disciplines of interest for Eugenij are social engineering, neuroscience and psychology.


Web Application Security: from reactive to proactive

Security on the Web is gaining more and more attention from both sides of the fence these days. Intruders become more skillful and well equipped and enterprises try their best to be at least one step ahead. Both sides craft more sophisticated and powerful tools in a an endless arms race. How to keep up and not overwhelm yourself?

Here in Kainos Smart we believe we've got an answer.

This talk is both a reminder of some of the basic principles of Web application security, best practices and a tale of our journey to becoming SOC2 certified. Main focus here is how to adapt to a massive changes from a WebOps perspective.

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