Catalin Jora
Catalin Jora Cisco


Catalin is an Engineer at Container Solutions where he works on all things distributed and cloud native systems (kubernetes, mantl, mesos). He likes to experiment with new things and avoids attaching to much to a specific technology.Previously he started his own company and also worked for ING Bank and TomTom in various engineering roles that all have in common some aspects of software delivery.Outside technology, he enjoys travelling, spending time in the nature and playing with his daughter.


Microservices continuous delivery with MANTL & Shipped

Running, building and deploying microservices is hard. Either if you try to chunk a monolith application into small pieces or want to start a project from scratch, you’ll need to figure out how to deal with: security, service discovery, networking, monitoring, persistence, orchestration and cluster management. Once you manage to have a microservices architecture in place, you’ll hit other challenges: scaling, infrastructure monitoring, building, running and shipping to your users.

In this talk I’ll cover what you need to take into account when you run microservices and how those problems are addressed in MANTL I’ll also look into a continuous delivery pipeline for microservices using Shipped

MANTL is an open source platform for building microservices started by Cisco. It combines the best open source technologies to deliver an out-of-the box open platform for microservices development. You can contribute to MANTL: https://github.com/CiscoCloud/mantl

Shipped is a CI/CD tool that will be released later this year by Cisco and is natively integrated with MANTL. Shipped is in open beta now: ciscoshipped.io

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