Anirvan Chakraborty
Cake Solutions


Ani, the technical director at Cake Solutions, is a passionate programmer, published author and a big fan of open source software. He takes a keen interest in functional programming and more recently in the DevOps movement.
Ani studied Internet Software Systems at the University of Birmingham, graduating in 2005 with a fist class MSc degree. He has been with Cake Solutions since 2006. He has worked on all major projects at Cake, leading agile teams on several occasions.
When Ani is not programming, he is most likely watching a movie or following sports (Cricket, Formula 1) or playing video games.


Running Cassandra on Amazon's ECS

Containers have become a key component of modern distributed application design. Similarly, Apache Cassandra has emerged as a clear choice for a scalable, high available and performant database in a highly distributed cloud computing architecture.
In this session, we'll walk you through a number of patterns that enabled us to run Cassandra successfully with Docker in production. We will also share the lessons learned in running Cassandra with a very small set of resources that are applicable to both your local development environment and larger, less constrained production deployments.
We'll then introduce you to Amazon ECS, a highly scalable, high-performance service to run and manage distributed applications using Docker. Finally, we will discuss a few best practices used by our customers for running their Cassandra clusters on ECS.

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