Andreas Grabner


Andreas Grabner is a performance engineer who has been working in this field for the past fifteen years. Andreas helps organizations identify the real problems in their applications and then uses this knowledge to teach others how to avoid the problems by sharing engineering best practices. He was a developer, tester, and evangelist for Segue Software, builders of the Silk Testing product line. Later Andreas joined Dynatrace where, for the past eight years, he has helped organizations worldwide test applications, better understand the technologies behind their apps, and improve the entire development process. He shares his expertise on blog.dynatrace.com Conferences I spoke at: JavaOne 2015, Java South Africa 2015, Velocity, STPCon, StarWest, Agile Testing Days, ... Some of the meetups I spoke at last year: Java New York, Web Perf Chicago, .NET Devs in Redmond, DevOps Boston, DevOps Berlin, Web Perf Amsterdam, ...


Metrics Driven-DevOps: Delivering High Quality Software like Facebook & Co

Becoming the next Uber is only possible when bringing your ideas faster to your end users. Some aspects of DevOps are perfect for that as it only works if Ops and Dev work closely together. But what does this mean for you as a developers? Delivering code faster with the high chance of failing faster?

In my opinion we need to look at Key Technical Metrics such as Memory Usage per User or Request, # of SQLs, # of Service Calls, Transferred Bytes, ... - these are metrics you need to track starting at your workstation all the way through CI into Ops – and don’t forget the Business: How often is the new feature really used? What does it cost to run it? Let these metrics act as Quality Gateways and stop builds early before they Crash your System: faster than ever.

In this session we look at how companies like Facebook, CreditOne and Co apply metric-driven DevOps. We look at use cases that crashed rapid deployments, identify metrics that identify the reason of the crash and learn how to use these metrics to steer your pipeline to build better code, deploy faster, without failing faster!

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