Adam Walach
Adam Walach SAP Hybris


Veteran administrator and software developer.
Technical enthusiast, passionate about combining software and electronics together. For the last few years involved in creating multiple industrial IoT projects.
When he’s not glued to a computer screen, spends time soldering stuff together.
Working as Infrastructure Architect in SAP Hybris.


Continuous IoT - with Docker, Go and Jenkins

Technological advancements have taken solutions known from server rooms and introduced them into the IoT world. Modern operating systems can now be run on credit card sized computers, and their increasing processing power encourages us to use tools like containers and higher level programming languages on entire new class of devices. But managing complex IoT systems is not an easy task. Luckily software like Jenkins and Ansible can be used to create a well organized IoT environment. Devices with powerful communication capabilities can provide new features for E-commerce Platforms.

This talk will show you how you can get into exciting new world of IoT.

During the presentation we will combine all the technologies mentioned above into a working IoT solution.
Warning - it’s not purely theoretical introduction to IoT for devops - I promise a lot of moving and blinking IoT toys! We’re gonna have fun!

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