Atmosphere Council

Big applause to Atmosphere Council!


They are a group of pioneers, who spread the knowledge about DevOps in Poland. Every representative of the Committee is an activist who has been working in the IT industry for years.


Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Atmosphere Council:



Experienced DevOps practitioner. He’s been supporting the development of DevOps methodology in a different kind of organizations in Poland and abroad since 12 years.
He’s a part of DevOps community and  promotes innovative tools related to Infrastructure as Code, Platform as a Service and Continuous Delivery.
Piotr is an experienced DevOps practitioner (10 years), working mostly as a freelancer for organizations of different sizes and for a wide variety of industries. He uses mainly stack technology based on Python (of course where it is possible) in his work.

Maciej has been working in IT for the last 16 years including roles like system administrator and software engineer. He has seen how infrastructures raised and failed, how great minds worked on scalability and kept the high pace of their platforms. He have been scaling and securing webapps for many years; within Ganymede company, Lumesse and now with Ocado. Maciej is Open Source contributor, enthusiast and evangelist. He also supports security projects like OWASP and Fedora. He believes in Chaos Engineering and automation. He's devoted father and husband as well as multi - sport athlete. You can catch him on Twitter @docent_net and also see his work in github @docent-net and his personal blog.

The guy behind DevOps @Bank BPH aka IT Operations Design & Planning Director. Pawel holds responsibility for both technological platforms strategy/architecture and DevOps practices adoption. Aspiring Chef style DevOps kungfu practitioner (https://github.com/chef/devops-kungfu)

I like programming. I do it a lot, mostly on the JVM, usually writing fancy backends for big, distributed systems.
I also display a particular affection to continuous delivery.. UI, unless quickly hacked, is not my play ;-) I believe that most problems we deal with are people problems, so I mix and match tools with technologies to achieve my goals, make people happy and achieve world peace :-) I believe in software quality, and organize GeeCON, Polish JUG, Krakow Software Craftsmanship, Cracow Hadoop User Group. In my free time, I read paper books and cycle, a lot!

Engineer, geek, web scale lover. Over fifteen years of IT experience in many areas. Specialized in building teams that build and maintain large scale systems with high complexity and scaling issues. Capacity planning, monitoring, disaster recovery, high availability fan. Capex, opex, budget management, numbers addict. Always looking for ways to learn new things, having fun in doing them and be a geeker geek.
Currently working as a Technical Area Director at Allegro, responsible for development and maintenance of technical services for Allegro platform and companies in a group.
In Allegro since 2005, touching every possible area that could be done better.
He graduated from University of Economics in Poznan, National Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw and Executive MBA studies at University of Economics in Poznan.


We would like to remind you, that this position allows them to do the following:



They are the heroes of The League of DevOps - follow them on Twitter, poke them and AKA to get to know what’s waiting for you at Atmosphere Conference 2016!