You made us stronger - thank you! A brief summary

Added on: 31.05.2016, 31:26

 Atmosphere 2016 was better, bigger and more valuable than ever before! 

Once again you have proven that DevOps community grows year by year, and you create an amazing group! Over 400 participants, 2 tracks, 24 speakers, 2 days of substantive lectures and a lot of fun in the best company – Atmosphere 2016 was a great success!

Which lectures were top rated? 

Lennart Poettering, Diptanu Choudhary, Justin Arbuckle and Adam Walach are the speakers who have enjoyed the greatest popularity. According to our survey – their lectures were the best rated - great congrats! 

Advantages of Atmosphere 2016 

In your opinion, atmosphere of the conference, retro game climate and substantive lectures were the most important strenghts of Atmosphere. Most of you came to learn something new and meet other specialists - we hope you achieve those goals! But believing the results of the survey, the biggest power of Atmosphere were… people! :)

Something we will work on

  According to  the survey, we should improve our catering. You have also grumbled on the venue. Thank you for filling in our survey – we will consider all opinions during the preparation of the next edition!

What topics would you like to listen to next time?

Thanks to your opinions we found out what topics should appear in our schedule next year. You would like to listen about Docker, Cloud, IoT, Mesos and Microservices.  We will do our best to get them, keep fingers crossed!

United we stand! 

We are glad that 60% of you have expressed willingness to participate in Atmosphere 2017! We hope to see you at the best event ever! :) 


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We also want to thank our partners, whose stands gave you a lot of attractions. In the survey you have indicated that you liked Allegro, Cisco, OVH and SAP Hybris the most - thank you!


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