We have gone through many phases of understanding what DevOps really means - Marcin Mazurek from Allegro Group on DevOps and Atmosphere!

Added on: 09.05.2016, 9:05

The conference starts in week, so if you do not have a ticket yet, read what Marcin Mazurek, Technical Area Director in Allegro Group says about Atmosphere. You just can’t miss it!


Why Allegro Group decided to participate in Atmosphere Conference?


Allegro is involved in multiple important tech events around Poland. Atmosphere is one of them. We are not only participating in it but it happened we were one of idea givers when we saw a lack of events as this one. There was a gap that we have decided to fill in at Polish tech events scene.


What is the role of DevOps in Allegro? What is the most valuable functionality?


We have gone through many phases of understanding what DevOps really means. In the end I think we are coming to the point that doing your job in a proper way, having open mind, learning new things not limited to your daily job is the real devops. This is what we do in Allegro.


Why in your opinion it’s worth participating in Atmosphere?


Except for a great chance to meet friends from the tech scene it's by far the best place to review what we do and how. Many people share their experiences and this is the place to learn about them, discuss them and review what we do and how we do it.


Stay tuned and follow us on ourFacebook and Twitter profiles and see you in Krakow!