Share your knowledge on DevOps and apply for a speaker on Testwarez 2016

Added on: 12.07.2016, 12:30

DevOps means the cooperation and mutual understanding of work of another person. It is not only the methodology of combining development and operations, but also all employees. Testers too. Convince testers that DevOps does not bite and is an interesting topic!


Testwarez will be held on September 28-30th at the Hotel Golebiewski in Karpacz. Formula of the conference fosters free dialogue during speeches, lectures, discussion panels as well as behind the scenes. This year, except the testers, we would like to warmly invite business analysts, heads of departments and IT business owners, those working for startups and DevOps ninjas. If you feel that you are one of them, apply now for a speaker!


Especially for all DevOps fans the CfP has been extended.Register today by completing the form or send an email to s.malyska@testwarez.pl. Don’t wait, because you have time only until Sunday (17.07.2016)!

See you in September in Karpacz!