C-c-c-combo breaker!

Added on: 21.03.2016, 21:04

Last but not least!

Our fifth member of Program Commitee is Maciej Lasyk.


Maciej has been working in IT for the last 16 years as system administrator and software engineer. He has seen how infrastructures raised and failed, how great minds worked on scalability and kept the high pace of their platforms. Maciej has been scaling and securing webapps for many years in Ganymede, Lumesse and now in Ocado. He’s an Open Source contributor, enthusiast and evangelist. This man also supports security projects like OWASP and Fedora. He believes in Chaos Engineering and automation. Maciej is a devoted father and a husband, as well as a multi - sport athlete.


You can catch him on Twitter @docent_net and also see his work in github @docent-net and his personal blog.


More news about next speakers and upcoming attractions - coming soon!