League of DevOps

Welcome to the League of DevOps

The Atmosphere Conference aims to develop the spirit of DevOps in CEE countries. To let you better understand the truly DevOps culture, we have visualized it in the shape of League of DevOps animated crew! We are referring to popular Pixel Art theme and also the upcoming edition of Atmosphere will be designed this way. Read about the League of DevOps crew members and see what they deal with during their everyday job.


Carl – engineer of Japanese origin, who distinguished himself with extraordinary inventions and made a fortune. Currently, he is the owner of a large company that produces hardware and software. As part of his team, Carl turns into a hero by the name of Senshi. His analytical skills and the ability to create an equipment provide technical support. He dedicates the company funds for further development of his team and its efforts against Dr. Chaos.

Linus is a manager of the largest projects in the company. Although Carl created League of DevOps, Linus has the skills to effectively manage it. He is a natural leader of DevOps team, who directs the activity of the League. 

For the team needs, he takes on the form of Shellman. He has a special power to cover himself with different materials. His skin may turn into stone, wood, glass and many other

Ada is an outstanding programmer, who deals with the development of the largest projects in the company. Ada has adopted the nickname Synchronia. She has the amazing power of bilocation. She can transfer her cloned body to another location.

Murphy is a robot, that manages cloud computing and server controls. He is very smart and has a huge computing power. He has adopted a Grid nickname. His main function is to provide access to information and technical data. He is also a pilot of the spaceship, which is the main vehicle of the company.

Sophie deals with Quality Assurance. She is also a software tester. As a member of the team she took the name Ascenda. She has the power to scale her size, thereby she can easily attack the enemy.

A-3 Atmosphere Class Spaceship is a vehicle used by the League of DevOps. This is the main tool to fight with Dr. Chaos. The Spaceship was built a few years ago by Carl.